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About Beth Young

Located in Sacramento, California, I'm a licensed architect specializing in the design of healthcare facilities by profession, but a nature photographer by passion. My greatest inspiration is chasing the best quality of light and sharing the beauty of the natural world.

Acutely aware of the impact that nature photography can have on those in severely stressful situations, and inspired by my aunt, who revered nature, yet was mobility impaired and chronically ill, my focus has become nature photography for healthcare settings to alleviate the stress of patients, their families and caregivers, and help improve patient outcomes in clinical settings. Recently, this focus has become particularly personal for me, having been recently diagnosed with, and undergoing treatment for breast cancer. 

Yet, every chance I get, you’ll find me hooking up my little teardrop camp trailer to hit the road and capture the nuances of light and weather in the West Coast's majestic settings.

As an Evidenced Based Design (EDAC) certified, and licensed design professional, I have a unique understanding of the technical aspects of artwork in clinical settings, as well as evidenced based design principles in nature photography.

If you have a project in mind, please go to the contact page and leave me a email at optimalfocusphotography@gmail.com or contact me at (916) 296-6268 for more information.

My photography is available for purchase here on my website. I am also represented by Art Consulting Services in Sacramento, and am a contributing photographer to the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals, an international non-profit art organization that donates nature photographs to medical facilities and hospitals.  

A percentage of the profits made through print sales here on my website goes toward breast cancer awareness and education programs to women in need.

I relish the opportunity to work with art consultants and designers, and look forward to collaborating with you!

Gear Bag

Glamping in Mount Shasta

...and of course, my trusty camper

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